About Sugar Shell brands

Sugar Shell Brands has been established with the idea to provide well-researched, high-quality, and locally made apparel wear related to women’s health. Our current focus is to create safe, ergonomically designed, and good-quality inner wear and breast prosthetics for chemo patients and breast cancer survivors as per their needs.

In the Indian market, the products the name of mastectomy bras are either very basic and clinical or don’t give full support to the back and shoulder, adding to the pain of such patients and survivors. Talking about breast prosthetics, Silicon prosthetics are too costly and difficult to afford. And the poly-fill prosthetics don’t have proper aesthetic shape nor sit naturally on the un-even operating surface.

For patients who can afford International good products, either the material doesn’t suit the Indian climate, resulting in unnecessary sweating, or sometimes doesn’t fit the Indian size chart.

So clearly there’s a lack of well-researched yet affordable apparel and garments that address women’s health issues.